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my stuff park at narmijewelry.com

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Im Always forgot to tell u that almost my stuff park at my sister website narmijewelry.com click here

here i would like to present the front page n the one of the other page of narmijewelry..so anyone outside from malaysia can have my stuff trought that website or come to me directly..

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shoppingg at loniavillage.com

This is what i really need right now..im worried about pimple all over my face, this is becoz not enought sleep n bz with all those thing..lucky! when i meet this forum who are selling genuine SK11 product ..she suggest me to use hers Trial set with 5item inside..when i got the thing im feel very hapy n cannot wait to try it..today is the second day im using this product..im start to use it last night...n feel something different now..emm maybe i should continue to use it to see the better result..can u belive it,it only 90rm n u can have the tiny packaging for 5 item...
if there anyone looking for face treatment this is the best place to get your best good..
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sory the picture was blurr..

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Simple Toturial how to join as a standard member at loniavillage.com(FREE LIFETIME)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Easy step by step how to join as a standard member at loniavillage..it was FREE LIFETIME..anyone can join this loniavillage.com as standard member ...u are willing to window shopping or have a chat in the forum with the seller in this new MARKETPLACE in Malaysia...anything u can send me a email at yati_salem@yahoo.com...or leave your message at my cbox..HERE i give u the link to my forum...click

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Why 2 face of PIPA knot?(Code-Riqzmie N19)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

hi there!!
nice to see u again...today i would like to tell u why i call this necklace 2 face of PIPA knot..i got i idea last month actually but just got time to realize it 2 days ago..this PIPA necklace actually dont have behind face,,,,u can use either face to become your front face of your pendant...u can have the basic toturial from corra..she is the wire jewelry designer in malaysia who are produce chinese knot toturial only...u can have a chat with corra at hers forum click here ..from hers forum u can have another chinese knot toturial...

if u want to have a chat with me u can surf to my forum at loniavillage also..click here
i will respond to u in 24hours..

i had post a lot of my stuff there...please come n you can ask me anything about my product there...

opp sory!! forgot to tell u again..

the material that i used at this time is swarovski crystal as usuall....starfish swarovski crystal,fresh water pearl
size of pendant:2.5cm diameter,4.5cm lenght,chain lenght 42cm
price:90Rm(tarnish wire)/110Rm(permenant color of wire)

2 face of PIPA knot

THis is what i want actually from PIPA knot..i have been thinking to have PIPA knot in 2 face since last month...
if u want to know what i mean by 2 face of PIPA knot...why not u come n see tomorrow..
i will explain to u why i call this necklace 2 face PIPA knot?
i will tell u whre u can have THe basic toturial from making PIPA knot?
i will tell u the material that i used?
i will tell u the price as usual?
n many more....only tomorrow my dear!!

starfish necklace(Code-Riqzmie N18)

Friday, April 25, 2008

material:fresh water pearl,swarovski pearl,swarovski crystal starfish shape,silver ball
price:Rm70(copper silver coated/tarnish wire),Rm80(permenant color of wire)

Millefiori bead ring(Code-Riqzmie R12)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

material:millefiori bead,swarovski crystal
price:RM18(tarnish wire),RM20(permanent color wire)

simple earing for the simple women(Code-Riqzmie E15)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It was me!! hehe..i made this simple earing for me to wearing it at home...

material:swarovski pearl 6mm,14k gold finding n wire

marvellous cake!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

yummy!!! yummy!!..dont u know that i luv very much chocolate flavour..that why when my sis ask me to find the seller around KL who made homemade cake..chocolate flavor was the first choice for me to choose ...heheh...i found this seller at click here..she said that she can deliver the cake to my house...actually this cake special order for the big boy 41years old...
It easy for u to make a order..u can make order through online ..no need to go to bakery shop ..n waste our time also money to pay for packing n petrol..otherwise i do really luv shopping online..easy for me to window shopping n not feel tired at all...
beside i got 2 kid to take care...so it not practical for me to window shopping outside...if u want to make order to the same seller..feel free to surf hers blog here

Finish product!(Code-Riqzmie SN1)

very slow to finish only one necklace..i spend about 16hours to finish only one necklace...i dont know my client will like it or not...in this few days my family member got fever included me...so im quiet bz to manage my family...im really not productive in this few day ...hope after the couple of day it will much more better...i will explain about the material that i used later coz i do really got headache now!! sorry !!

next step....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

adjusted pendant!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

yerterday i had post this pendant but i think it was quiet heavy design..i cannot sleep worried if this customer does't like it...so today i put out some bead that i think can less the heavy design...hope this better then before..

blurr picture!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

wait another fresh picture from me...

In progress

Thursday, April 17, 2008

story behind this bead:
About 2 week ago i received a email from someone from johor..she want me to re-design hers old necklace become the new one..she send me 2 pcs of necklace by courier n i got the day after..when i received the necklace i saw mostly the bead was crack..im too afraid to damage the necklace coz im feel 'sayang' to that bead..i worried i will destroy it...but when this sister said 'it ok u can open it n if it really cannot been use so just throw it'..emm i think it was not the good ide..so i told her i will try to create design that can hold the bead safety..actually nothing much can do with bead without hold ..im still dont have much experience create something using bead without hold beside pendant...but i will try..hope she like it!!..

Yesterday project(Code-Riqzmie N9)

commission piece from my agent..if u realize that i had made this design beforeclick here. She ask me to make the lenght of that chain around 65cm ..but i cannot do exactly 65cm..when it done just can make it around 66cm lenght..
material:shell bead,fresh water pearl 1cm,swarovski crystal 4mm,fresh water pearl
lenght:can be adjust
width:5cm*6cm(width pendant)
4mm,brass finding,rodhium jump ring,copper silver coated color(tarnish)
price:Rm100(tarnish wire),140rm(untarnish wire)

Boring at KLCC(Code-Riqzmie E14)

Monday, April 14, 2008

My husband said'why dont we going somewhere today.!'.i said 'where did u plan to go?'..he said 'how about if we go to KLCC'.i said'why not!'
But we don't feel comfortable with the raining outsite ..im also lost my mood yerterday when i saw it was raining and my kids keep crying all the day..don't u believe, that i manage to see only one stall selling jewelry at KLCC..then i decided to go home coz my kids still keep crying..when they get in the car they fall asleep..emmmmmmm they all so sleepy..pity on them..so yerterday when i was at home i think it better if i made something usefull..done a pair of earing!!..
material:artistic wire,hematit bead,swarovski crystal clear color,silver ball,brass finding
price:Rm60(artistic wire)/RM50(copper silver coated color)

cup cake pendant

Friday, April 11, 2008

this cup cake pendant order by my agent..one of hers customer from somewhere in KL ask her to make pendant/keychain just look like hers name card logo..the tone of rainbow color was quiet similar with the pendant,,when my agent scan the name card n give me the copy by email..the color of that rainbow become a bit different..i don't know why..my agent said maybe should make the cup cake look like snowwhite..so she said why don't just put on only swarovski white color..eeemmmmm..anywhere hope she like it.